Ports and transport

Authorizations and concessions of public port domain Port terminals for containers, cruisers, general cargo and others Licenses for the provision of port services Claims of economic liability of Ports and Maritime Administrations Penalty proceedings to users of ports and during maritime navigation Abandonment of ships and pleasure boats Contracts of maritime, land and air transport […]

Litigation and arbitration

We advise companies and individuals in all kinds of litigation. Our services in this area include among others: Contractual, tort and insurances. Product and professional liability. Negotiating out-of-court settlements and agreements as an alternative method for the resolution of disputes. Legal claims as plaintiffs or respondents, always striving to find the most satisfactory solutions to […]


We analyse the following aspects of the business’ legal risks in collaboration with the management teams. Adaptation of management and organisational models for the implementation of systems for regulatory compliance and the prevention of crimes. Review of the company’s compatibility with regulations on the protection of personal data, the information society (e-commerce, online contracting) and […]


We accompany our clients’ business teams in their projects aimed at national and international growth. Project analysis in collaboration with the business team, and planning of the legal actions required to execute the project. Analysis of the legal risks involved in the project. Design of the best legal strategy for the implementation of the project. […]